2526Autumn/Winter collection is now ready!

2526 Autumn/Winter Textile Collection: The Pinnacle of Wool Innovation


Introducing G.O.A.T Wool - The Greatest Of All Textiles

This season, we proudly present our 2526 Autumn/Winter collection, showcasing the unparalleled versatility and superior quality of wool.
At the heart of our collection is G.O.A.T Wool - a testament to the greatness of wool as the ultimate textile.


Sports × Wool: Functionality Meets Performance

Our innovative approach combines the high-performance aspects of sportswear with the natural benefits of wool.
G.O.A.T Wool is designed to deliver exceptional functionality, ensuring comfort, breathability, and moisture management, perfect for the active lifestyle.

Sustainable Excellence: Responsibly Sourced Wool

We are committed to sustainability, and our collection features wool sourced in accordance with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).
This ensures that our wool is produced with the highest standards of animal welfare and land management practices, supporting a greener planet.

Japanese Craftsmanship: Superior Wool Jersey Variations

Experience the remarkable touch and feel of our wool jersey, brought to life through the advanced processing techniques of Japanese artisans.
Each piece reflects the precision and dedication to quality that Japanese craftsmanship is renowned for, offering a variety of textures and finishes to suit any preference.

Tradition Meets Innovation: Wool and Traditional Crafts

This season, we celebrate the harmony of tradition and innovation by incorporating elements of traditional Japanese crafts into our wool designs.
The result is a collection that not only pays homage to heritage but also pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion.

The Ultimate Wool Collection

With the most diverse and superior range of wool variations, our 2526 Autumn/Winter collection stands as the epitome of wool innovation.
From the luxurious sheen and softness of our glossy wool fabrics to the cutting-edge sports performance textiles, we invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of G.O.A.T Wool.
Discover the strength, elegance, and sustainability of wool like never before.
Check out the schedule from below!
Preco Paris
11-13th June, 2024
26-27th June,2024
Life for Textile: B11
Textilaagentur Michael : B01
2-4th July, 2024
Stand#Hall6 F20
MIlan Unica
9-11th July, 2024
Stand#JOB C11
Functional Fabric Fair NY
16-17th July, 2024