2526AW Jafabric LAB - Tradition Meets Innovation: Wool and Traditional Crafts

The exclusive collection "Jafabric LAB" is set to be featured

at Premiere Vision Paris/Milan Unica this July. 



Featuring "Certified WOOL"

in collaboration with Craftsmanship Excellence.



Experience "Japonism" with SHIBORI techniques

by a 4th-generation Textile and printing artisan from KYOTO.



Introducing "Soft Armor" with structures designed

to gracefully drape the body using Bonding/Quilting.



Discover the innovative "SPIBER×TAKISADA-NAGOYA" fabric

of the new generation made with Brewed Protein™.



Join us at the exhibition to explore these tactile and luxurious products.
Premiere Vision Paris
2nd-4th July
Stand# Hall6 F20
Milan Unica
9th-11th July
Stand#JOB C11
We also showcasing our Jafabric collection.