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We’re JA-Fabric online Studio.
Curating the best Textile collection.

To be the best fashion consierege from Japan.
Our Creation, Sourcing networks, trend in the industry are reflected to our collection.
Sustainable Sourcing is available in our online studio.


30 textile planners, studying, searching, developing, creating Textile...
More than 150 sales specialist to be in service for fabric consultancy.
Global Locations : Amsterdam, Shanghai, Vietnam, Cambodia...
From textile to garment...


Tradition and innovation, inherited enthusiasm.
Japanese merchants in history worked with the slogan
"For clients, for supplier, and for the community".
※The picture: Founder of Takisada→
150 Years History

150 Years History

About 2,500 articles on stock service, + color variants are available.


The 5 reasons to work with us.

  • 1. Amount of information from Global supply chain in Fashion.
  • 2. Can minimize the workload for textile sourcing.
  • 3. Can minimize the loss for the sampling production, sustainable sourcing.
  • 4. Can order as much as just you needed.
  • 5. "O-MO-TE-NA-SHI" Insanely great customer experience.


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If you have an interesting project, a sourcing inquiry, or just need some help, reach out to us.
We’re available.


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Meet US

Our office lacates in NAGOYA, the center of Japan and 2 offices in TOKYO/Japan.

Also one in Amsterdam.

We exhibit in textile show in worldwide, like Premiere Vision, Milan Unica, Munich Fabric start, Functional Fabric Fair in NY as well.

Meet us anywhere and Be the part of our studio!