『Ja-fabric Lab collection "EN"』Only available in the shows! - #2. KARASU collection FANCY in BLACK -

Introducing another "Jafabric Lab Line"


『KARASU (the crow) - FANCY in BLACK - 』

The pieces produced by the Schonherr Loom,

which has been in operation for 100 years in Bishu, are known for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics.

These fabrics are woven by highly skilled artisans who utilize vintage looms, adding to the traditional and artisanal value of the textiles.



The main distinguishing features of Schonherr fabric are

its softness, texture, three-dimensional appearance, and natural stretch.

These qualities set it apart from fabrics produced by high-speed looms,

which have become more common in the industry.

While high-speed machines can weave at a rapid pace,

Schonherr looms operate at a significantly slower speed, around one-fifth of the speed.




The slower weaving speed employed by Schonherr looms allows for a more delicate and careful weaving process.

By avoiding excessive strain on the fabric,

the resulting textiles have a texture that resembles hand-weaving

rather than the uniformity often seen in high-speed machine weaving.



Taking inspiration from the Yata Crow, known as Karasu in Japanese,

We have prepared a collection in black.

The Yata Crow is a symbol often associated with guidance and wisdom,

and this collection aims to embody these qualities.

By incorporating the essence of the Yata Crow into their fabrics,

the Schonherr Loom hopes to attract new clients and present them with unique and high-quality textiles.

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