" RE: NEWOOL " - Sustainable future made possible by Wool.

What we can do "now " for the children of the future....


is a Sustainable Recycled Wool material.

Original collection from Takisada-Nagoya.

Solving environmental problems and 
creating high-performance fashion with RE: NEWOOL.

#1   By recycling wool, we can reduce Co2 emissions.

The road from Raw Materials to the textile is long journey.

It travels several countries before transformed to garment.

RE: NEWOOL is made from Recycled wool from the discarded 

wool clothes/cut from the garment factories gathered domestically.


Sorted by colors /Cleaned&Reclaimed /Spinned.

The colors are made based on the gathered clothes/cuts.

The colors are may not match from the previous,

the water used for dying can be reduced.


The craftmanship of Bishu area is

(One of three Big Wool production area in the world)

to mix multiple colors to create the disered color.


#2  Wool has natural function for comfort.

Heat Shielding

Absoring Moisture


Odor Resistance

We can propose High-performance fashion 

with RE:NEWOOL, Recycled Wool collection.


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